been a while..

I suppose that’s what happens when real life catches up with you. One day you’re neck deep in the worst sort of shit imaginable and the next, you’re in the nation’s capitol, with a new life and a new everything.

It sorta gave me pause - a 5 month pause.

I find I have less to say, now, than ever. For various ...Continue

two months later and presidential elections

I’ve not written for over a month now, and I must confess that my absence has been in part due to some personal issues. The main reason, however, is my utter and complete disappointment with Pakatan Rakyat’s promise for change on 16th September 2008, and Anwar Ibrahim’s later admission that the change of government would now be difficult.



I have been waiting for the change in government in silence, preferring not to second guess the moves made behind the scenes. Thus far, I feel that not saying anything about politics - especially when things are so volatile - would be best. Why add to the noise and drama (especially the drama - I don’t like dramas)?

But I can’t keep si ...Continue

no sept 16th joy

No joy on September 16th, and we are left with a wreckage on our hands: a demoralized, dispirited government and loyalty in tatters. Two innocent people locked up for stupid, mysterious crimes without the opportunity to defend themselves. And the country in standstill, waiting for Anwar to do something.

Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, you h ...Continue


They’ve already turned RPK, Teresa Kok and Tan Hoon Cheng into matyrs and national heroes for those who believe that BN’s days are due. I wasn’t watching Anwar Ibrahim’s speech on the net and other places this evening, so I don’t know what he’s said. I don’t want to know, really, because I don’t wan ...Continue